PS3 Driving Seat

Feel the same thrill that real racing drivers feel behind the wheel

Nowadays, car driving simulator seats let you experience the same sensation that real-life racing drivers feel behind the steering wheel. Now it's possible to race your own GranTurismo 5 Prologue, F1 or WRC in your own private space, before the TV or the PC. See why professional driving simulation gamers realize there's nothing like the perception you obtain when you drive with the OpenWheeler PS3 driving simulator, mainly made by and for driving fanatics.

Compatibility with all types of driving wheels, video gaming consoles and racing video games

The OpenWheeler racing game cockpit is compatible with all computer navigation wheels, among them Logitech G25, Logitech G27, Logitech Force GT, Fanatec Porsche and T500 RS. And it's the proper option for force feedback wheels. The OpenWheeler game racing seat is ready for use with your PS 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox360, PC or Wii.

PS3 Driving Seat

PS3 Driving Seat

The OpenWheeler gaming cockpit offers totally adjustable seat depth, height and angle unlike any common seat or sofa. You will feel as if you were in a real car and you will enjoy the most balanced driving position.

A telescopic video game racing wheel setup

Due to the inimitable telescopic platform, you can position the PS3 driving chair to fully accommodate the hands and feet. Be seated and you will feel like you were behind the wheel of a genuine race car.

Infinitely flexible to accommodate any height and weight (an adjustable pedal system)

The foldaway PlayStation 3 Gaming Chair is merged with a totally adjustable steel framework that you can fit to your desired height, length and depth. The driving car game seat is perfect for anyone over the age of 8 and the height can be modified from one hundred and twenty centimetres to over 2 m. Weighing only 23 kilograms, having minute front wheels, it's easy to relocate around the house, even for the youngest member of your family.

Gliding rails and easy navigation

The OpenWheeler PC gaming chair gives you a chance to learn proper cornering abilities and subtle racing maneuvers. Features that are given great priority in home racing simulation games. The consequence is that drivers feel in full command Derive time.

Derive the maximum for your money

To draw a general assumption, Xbox driving simulator are not low-priced things. Owing to the sparse demand, the cost of such a commodity fluctuates between £200-£300 GBP ($300-$500 USD). OpenWheeler will give you a huge number of features just for the affordable charge of 270 pounds. Top drivers from all over the World want an ultimate racing experience to improve their talents or simply to have a great joy.